This beautiful vase depicts the journey of Saint Cuthbert from Lindersfarne to Durham.

It shows the Viking raiders that caused the monks to leave Holy Island taking St Cuthberts body with them. It took over a hundred years for Cuthbert’s to find his final resting place - in 995 A.D. when Saint Cuthberts buyer miraculous to came to a halt onWarden Hill. Saint Cuthbert appeared to a monk named Edmeer and instructed that the Coffin should be taken to theDun Holm - by chance the monks came across a milkmaid who said that she had lost her dun cow last seen a Dun Holm the monks followed her to a wooded hills surrounded on three sides by the river we are this is where they built Durham Cathedral.

The vase depicts the monks carrying the coffin and the dun cow.

It is fired in a beautiful copper glaze called weathered Bronze and has an antique white glaze around the rim.

This vase is 20cm high and 10cm wide.

Pilgrim vase