My littlebox of clay zen

At Fieldhouse Pottery we LOVE clay! It's relaxing, creative, mindful and fun.

Explore the joy of clay for yourself, or give it is as a gift.

My little box of clay zen contains 1.5kg of clay (enough for two), a range of modelling and shaping tools, a sponge, a rolling pin and a booklet with step by step guide for building slab, coil and pinch pots.

The clay in this kit is air drying. It's contains paper fibres which make it great for handbuilding. 

You can reuse the clay by adding water to it, or let it dry out to paint. This clay is not for food vessels or water tight - to make it water reisitant you will need to varnish it or brush it with dilute PVA glue.

My littlebox of clay zen