These unique mugs are made by throwing three colours of stoneware together. As the wheel spins, the clay blends, producing beautiful swirls of clay, that reveal themselves as the slip is ribbed away.
They are glazed inside. Wonderfully textural to hold and highly functional. 

At approx 7cm wide and 10cm tall they hold a good cuppa!

Please note the pottery pictured is an example. The one you receive will be very similar to this but will not be identical.
Each item is handthrown and individual. We don't use strict measures or gauges, prefering to follow the organic flow of the clay during throwing.
All our glazes are created from scratch and are unique to Fieldhouse Pottery. They have taken hundreds of hours of experimentation, exploring the individual character of the raw elements and how they interact together - a true art and alchemy. Some of the  elements we use include cobalt, copper, tin, iron, silica, borate, alumina.
All our pottery is fired at Cone 6 (1222 degrees centigrade) 
Fieldhouse pottery has been rigourously tested and is food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven proof.

Large stoneware mug

  • Clay: Stoneware

    Glaze: 3 layers of cobalt and rutile

    Size: 7cm wide at rim, 11cm high*

    Volume: 400ml or 3/4 pint*

    Weight: 400g*

    *Size and weight and volume is approximate

    Food, dishwasher, microwave safe and overn proof