This jug stands 23cm tall and features the door knocker off the north door of Durham Cathedral below the handle.


Durham cathedral was a place of sanctury throughout the middle ages. A fugitive from the law wishing to claim protection used the knocker to attract the attention of the two watchmen in a chamber over the North door. Once admitted the fugitive was entitled to 37 days of sanctuary to sort out their affairs prior to going to trial or into exile. If the latter, s/he was exported to the Bishop's port at Hartlepool - wearing a badge in the shape of the St Cuthberts cross, stitched to his shoulder, and carrying a wooden cross tied together with a rope. They had to embark on the very next ship, regardless of it's destination.


This jug is glazed in weathered bronze, a copper based glaze, reminiscent of the colour seen on rooves/ statues that have stood out in the rain for many years.


It's a calm, tranquil glaze full of flecks of different greens, turqoise and whites.


Please note the pottery pictured is the exact one you will receive.


All our glazes are created from scratch and are unique to Fieldhouse Pottery. They have taken hundreds of hours of experimentation, exploring the individual character of the raw elements and how they interact together - a true art and alchemy. Some of the  elements we use include cobalt, copper, tin, iron, silica, borate, alumina.


All our pottery is fired at Cone 6 (1222 degrees centigrade) 


Fieldhouse pottery has been rigourously tested and is food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and oven proof.

Durham sanctuary door knocker jug

  • Clay: Stoneware

    Glaze: copper, white

    Size: 7cm wide at rim  23cm high*

    Weight: 1348g*

    *Size and weight and volume is approximate

    Food, dishwasher, microwave safe and overn proof